Preview zu Tom Kings Strange Adventures #1

05. Februar 2020 Cpt.Schlabberhose


Das Preisgekrönte Kreativteam bestehend aus Tom King, Mitch Gerads und Evan "Doc" Shaner hat sich für eine neue Maxi-Serie betitelt mit "Strange Adventures" wiedervereint, welche den Fokus auf den kosmischen Superhelden Adam Strange richten soll.

Jüngst wurde auch bekanntgegeben, dass die Serie nun unter dem DC Black Label Imprint erscheinen wird.

Strange Adventures #1 soll am 04.03.2020 für den US-Markt erscheinen


Hier die Cover, Preview und Beschreibung:



  • written by TOM KING


  • cover by MITCH GERADS

  • variant cover by EVAN “DOC” SHANER

  • blank variant cover

  • After winning five Eisner Awards and topping year-end “best of lists,” the comic book of 2019 was Mister Miracle. The comic book of 2020 will be Strange Adventures.

  • The Mister Miracle team of writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads are joined by fan-favorite artist Evan “Doc” Shaner to bring you an epic tale in the tradition of Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and DC: The New Frontier—a story of blood, war, and love that readers will be talking about for years to come.

  • Adam Strange is the hero of Rann, a man famous throughout the galaxy for his bravery and honor. After leading his adopted home to victory in a great planetary war, Adam and his wife Alanna retire to Earth, where they are greeted by cheers, awards, and parades. But not all is as happy and nice as it seems, as the decisions Adam made during battles on Rann come back to haunt his family and threaten the entire DC Universe. And now a surprise DC hero will have to choose between saving Adam Strange and saving the world.

  • A story like no other, Strange Adventures is an ambitious, thrilling, shocking, and beautiful 12-issue saga that will push Adam Strange to the breaking point—and beyond!

  • ON SALE 03.04.20

  • $4.99 US | 1 OF 12 | 40 PAGES


  • FC | DC

  • This issue will ship with three covers.

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