Neue Hellblazer Mini-Serie von Tom Taylor & Darrick Robertson

13. Juni 2020 Cpt.Schlabberhose

Hellblazer Cover

Hell Yeah. DCEASED Autor Tom Taylor und The Boys Zeichner Darick Robertson haben sich für eine neue DC Black Label Mini-Serie vereint.

Die auf drei Teile ausgelegte Serie nimmt den kettenrauchenden Okkultisten John Constantine ins Visier und trägt den Titel Hellblazer: Rise and Fall.

Die erste Ausgabe soll im kommenden September für den US-Markt erhältlich sein und erscheint im sogenannten Prestige Plus Format.

Prestige Plus ? Wie bitte ? Dies ist nun die offizielle Bezeichnung der Heft-Größe, welche wir bereits von Titeln wie Harleen oder Batman: Damned kennen.


Cover, Beschreibung & Textlose Vorschau:



  • Written by Tom Taylor

  • Art and cover by Darick Robertson

  • In Hellblazer: Rise and Fall, a new three-issue mini-series by Tom Taylor and Darick Robertson launching this September, a billionaire mysteriously falls out of the sky and is gruesomely skewered on a church spire. Even stranger, they have angel wings attached to their back. More bodies soon follow, raining death and causing widespread panic. Detective Aisha Bukhari is stumped by the phenomenon, until she's visited by her childhood friend, occult investigator John Constantine.

  • DC’s Hellblazer soon discovers a link between the falling elite and a shocking moment in his and Aisha’s misspent youth. How do these killings tie to the first act of magic ever committed by John Constantine? How does this involve Heaven and Hell? Thirty years later, Constantine’s no stranger to supernatural threats and hard-pressed to consider stopping any monster who haunts a nation by killing the most corrupt among its citizens.

  • Hellblazer: Rise and Fall, a three-part 48-page Prestige Plus format (approx. 8.5" x 10.875") mini-series written by the bestselling Tom Taylor (DCeased, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Suicide Squad) with art and cover by master storyteller Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys), debuts September 2020.

  • All three issues of Hellblazer: Rise and Fall will carry DC’s Black Label content descriptor (Ages 17+) and will retail for $6.99.